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Certainly, it is not easy to get cheap car insurance for 19 year old drivers. Teenage car insurance average cost is very high, and the highest rates are generally paid for very young drivers who are about 19 years old. At this age, drivers have a much higher accident rate than at later ages. Considering this fact, how much is car insurance for a 19 year old?

Just read and you can find out.

Car Insurance Premiums For 19 Year Old Drivers Are Some Of The Highest In The Market

Many young people drive since they turn 14, so at 19 they have about five years experience. Despite this, those 19 year-olds are considered by most auto insurance companies as inexperienced as if they were younger and had little time driving. That’s why they make them pay for their insurance premiums as much as drivers under 19.

Is it possible find cheap car insurance for 19 year old? It could be, but it is very difficult. But do not worry, you could still find good deals. You will always pay more than older drivers, that is a fact. However, if you as a young driver act wisely, you will compare car insurance quotes online and, thus, you’ll save money.

Which Are The Average Costs Of Auto Insurance Premiums For 19-Year-Old Drivers?

A simple question could be “How much is car insurance for a 19 year old?” or “Is it possible to get cheap car insurance for 19 year old?”. The average payment per year for an insurance policy for a 19-year-old driver in the United States is around $2,600. However, many circumstances may cause differences in annual fees of clients of insurance companies.

About $1,800 to $3000 is what a 19-year-old driver must pay. Paying this average amount, you will satisfy the state minimum car insurance requirements. However, if you want more than the minimum coverage required by your state for car insurance, the average will range between $2600 to $4000 per year. So, about $3,500 is the payment that a 19-year-old driver must make if he or she wants a 100/300/100 PLPD car insurance policy.

Depending on factors like your gender, your age, and others, your rates can amply vary. The average cost of car insurance for 19 year old male is higher and lower for women; that is a fact. For example, a 19-year-old male driver in Connecticut could pay more than $5,500 for car insurance coverage. On the other hand, a 19-year-old female driver in Hawaii pays less than $1,500.

So, you should try to get cheap car insurance for 19 year old that suits your needs and conditions.

You Can Get Cheap Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers

There are several ways to save a substantial amount of money on car insurance for 19 year old drivers. In fact, saving a lot of money each year is possible with just a little effort. Some of the tactics that a 19-year-old driver can use to save money on the cost of the policy are:

Your parents can include you in their car insurance policy

One of the main ways to save a lot of money annually is being included in your parents’ policy. Living away at university or still living at home is the normal status of many 19-year-old. In both cases, when it comes to insurance, it can be considered that the teen still lives with his parents.

So, as we said before, if you add yourself to your parents’ policy to save money, that would be the smartest thing to do. Citing the state of Texas, if a 19-year-old male driver bought his own car insurance policy in that state, he would pay around $5,000. However, by adding himself to his parents’ policy, he would pay about $3000, reducing his car insurance premiums on $2000 per year, maintaining 100/300/100 coverage to be better protected. So, it is possible to get the cheapest insurance for teenage drivers.

As long as you follow the rules of your insurance company, it is legal for your parents to include you in their policy. For instance, if the car is driven by you every day, you can’t register your mother on the insurance policy as the primary driver.

Saving money is always important, so talk to your parents about the possibility of being included in their insurance policy.